Confucius Institute Faculty Research Grant

2017 - Professor Pei-te Lien, UCSB Dept. of Political Science
A Photo of Professor Pei-te LienProfessor Lien used the CI Faculty Research Grant to assist with her research on methodological challenges in studying Asian American communities and representing their attitudes and opinions by social scientists using mostly quantitative survey-based approaches.  Whereas leading surveys consistently show that the majority of Chinese and other Asian American voting-age adults and voters have firmly sided with the Democratic Party and strongly favored its presidential candidates by a wild margin, journalistic reports in both ethnic and mainstream media seem to portray a dramatically different picture of the political orientation of new immigrants, especially from China, who have waged waves of strong and highly visible campaigns for conservative policy issues and Republican candidates.  Professor Lien's research asks questions such as:  How can we improve survey sampling and interview methods to capture the changing tide, if any? How to adopt and integrate findings from qualitative measures using in-depth interviews and focus group research to improve understanding?