Connecting the Dots – The Chinese Film Industry in 2016

This lecture provides an overview of recent developments in the Chinese film industry. It will cover: 1) the role of the Chinese government in filmmaking and distribution and the China Film Group; 2) major players in film development, production, and distribution in China, the BAT phenomenon, and the internet revolution; 3) film business and film education, and the recent Chinese film finance spree.

Lora Chen was born in China, attended the famous Beijing Film Academy, had a career as professional cinematographer, and received her MBA at USC.  She is CEO of China Media Consulting, a company that advises U.S. media corporations doing business with China, and Chinese companies doing international business. She has worked with Wanda Film Holding Company, Dalian Wanda Group, Miramax Films, Inc., Walt Disney Imagineering, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, Sony Pictures Entertainment, etc. Lora’s book Hollywood: The Study of the U.S. Filmed Entertainment Business (in Chinese, 2015) has been a best-seller in China.  Her next book, Chinese Cinema and Film Industry: A market Review from 1980s to 2016, will be published in English in 2017.