Mellichamp Lecture - China's One Belt One Road

The One Belt, One Road (OBOR) initiative addresses international investment issues. For years, international capital has flowed from low- to high-income countries, depleting capital available to developing world and restricting its development. Will China’s initiative steer the flow of international investment in the correct direction? Can China's investment facilitate industrialization in developing countries? What are the distinguishing features of China's OBOR trade and investment governance? How will China's governance model contribute to global governance, especially at the time when President Donald Trump plans to withdraw from the multilateral system?

Dawei Cheng is Professor of the School of Economics at Renmin University and Vice Dean of the OBOR Research Institute. She is also Dean of the MA program on international business and an expert on international trade policy and China's foreign trade relations. Her recent books include Commercial Diplomacy Case Studies (2011) and Commercial Diplomacy (2004). She has published more than 50 articles. She is a Member of Council of China International Cooperation Association of SME (CICASME) and has established an SME research center, which she leads. Dawei Cheng received her BA from Renmin University (1990), MA from Monterey Institute of International Studies (2000) and PhD from Renmin University (2004), all in world economics.