2016 Summer Program

Student Feedbacks

I just would love to mention how amazing and life changing this experience was. I am a first generation student and have never traveled outside of the United States. This was my first trip out of the state let alone the country. This experience was one I will never forget! Beyond my expectation and the people from Shandong University were the best! They went above and beyond by making us feel comfortable, they were the true reason the trip was so remarkable; they recommended their favorite restaurants and advised what to do on our time off and made sure we got the best experience while there. I could not say enough to demonstrate how amazing this experience was. 

 ------by Cynthia Hernandez??? (UCSB student)


I had an amazing experience at Shandong University and made so many great friends both in my group and at the University. Culture classes were always fun and interesting and being able to explore Jinan and go on excursions in Beijing were exciting highlights for me! I would highly recommend this trip, even to the well-traveled students. I have so many great memories that my friends and I often look back on. 

------by Laura Forden ??? (UCSB student)


My summer at Shandong University was one of the most amazing experiences I have ever had. Other than having the chance to explore Beijing a little and see the Great Wall, the Temple of Heaven, the Forbidden Palace, Confucius's home, and try native foods, we got the opportunity to take cultural and language classes which taught me and let me try some of the coolest things ever. It was extremely rewarding being able to travel around by ourselves and being able to communicate with locals to improve my Chinese.

 ------by Devonne Hwang???(UCSB student)


I loved the program! I am a native Chinese speaker, but I was born in America so visiting China again since I was last there as a child was quite the culture shock -- but in the best way possible of course. It was such a great experience making lifelong new friends and practicing my reading and writing skills in Chinese while immersing myself in the life of a university student in China. Even though I can speak Chinese conversationally, I improved my Chinese speaking and listening skills a lot from interacting with natives there because they speak much faster and use more advanced vocabulary. I really enjoyed our culture modules/workshops; I admit I am quite Americanized, so learning more about my own heritage and culture was really nice. I also tried many new and fun things such as karaoke, shaved ice desserts, climbing the Great Wall, and so much more. I wish I could do it all over again and am so thankful that I had the chance to go!

------by Anna Lee??? (UCSB student)



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