2017 Summer Program

Photos from the 2017 Summer Program


"Going on this trip was one of the best things I have done not only for advancing my Mandarin speaking skills but also for improving my understanding of Chinese culture and society.  The people in charge of the program were very welcoming and caring.  They took care of all of our needs and ensured we had a great time while in China.  I enjoyed everything ranging from taking classes at Shandong University to visiting the Forbidden City!  I would highly recommend this trip to anyone interested in Chinese culture and especially for those who are studying Mandarin.  This trip taught me things I would not be able to learn in a classroom and I am really thankful I was able to get the chance to go!" -- Alejandro Sobrera


""I had such a fun and unforgettable time participating in this program! Despite being Chinese-American, I have never been to China. It was my very first time going and it was absolutely amazing! This program really allowed me and my group to explore each city on our own time and through our set itinerary. I really got to experience and see a little bit of everything. It was breathtaking to be able to visit historical sites, such as the Great Wall and Forbidden City, that we learned about through our textbooks in our educational career. It was a completely different experience when you’re standing in front of, near, and in/on these historical sites. My favorite things to do were going to the cultural classes at Shandong University, especially the class about Confucius/Confucian values and ideals, eating the spicy noodles at Shandong University’s cafeteria, eating desserts, buying cute souvenirs from Miniso, going to the mall with my friends, improving my Chinese vocabulary and speaking skills, etc. I learned a lot, but I think the most valuable thing I learned was speaking and writing more Chinese. It really helped me communicate better with my grandma and parents through WeChat, since they love sending me messages. I also made wonderful friends and memories during this trip! I would highly recommend this program to anyone who wants to learn more about Chinese culture, travel to China, or improve or enhance their Chinese writing and speaking skills! This summer program was filled with many amazing adventures, thanks to the wonderful program directors, teachers, and everyone else that is/was a part of this program! They were all so welcoming and made the experience even more enjoyable!" -- Tiffany Lee ???