2018 Summer Program


Photos from the 2018 Summer Program

A Photo of 2018 Chinese Summer Program in Shanghai


A Photo of 2018 Chinese Summer Program

A Photo of 2018 Chinese Summer Program

A Photo of 2018 Chinese Summer Program

A Photo of Taishan Trip


"I had a really great experience at Shandong University this summer! Taking Chinese language classes this summer really helped brush up my Mandarin literacy for Chinese 4. I also really enjoyed making dumplings and learning Chinese silkscreen art." ——Lydia Li

“I loved the trip with the Confucius Institute! It was such an amazing way to experience China, traveling to 4 different cities! A highlight was definitely a day trip to Taishan.”——Reema Moussa

"I really enjoyed how we were encouraged to speak and practice the pronounciations of the tones without each other thinking about how weird we sounded. I especially appreciate  the time we spent together through cultural classes and getting food at the dining common. We were really tight knit also from the fact that some of us had to rely on others to help us get around, which helped us learn from watching our more advanced speakers communicate with those around us. 

My primary goals throughout this trip were to build a strong foundation in Mandarin that I can build off of after this program and get more in touch with my culture. After the trip, I can positively say that I have achieved these goals. I really appreciate how I was able to do this all affordable through the institute as well. I’d highly recommend this to anyone who is open to learning more about the Chinese culture and challenging themselves to prosper in a completely different environment. 
My favorite part of the trip: simply feeling accomplished from all that I had done and all that I had wanted to accomplish and more! 
Chen lao shi was perfect in making everyone feel welcomed and building a tight-knit community amongst the students and teachers. Without her, the trip would’ve been totally different so I hope she continues on with this program! " ——Derick Tao